It is the editorial position of this site that religious or theological explanations will not be used to explain historical events.
This is difficult to do in practice.  It is possible that visitors to this site will detect an unintended religious bias in the
material presented here.

One example could be in the use of the phrase "biblical Jesus".  This phrase is used frequently on this site simply to
convey to readers that we are talking about the most prominent Jesus of the bible, not some other Jesus.  This could be
a problem for some readers who see this reference as a tacit agreement with how Jesus is characterized in the New
Testament, which they feel gives us a limited and obscured picture of the historical Jesus.

So to be clear, this site makes the following assumptions about the "biblical Jesus":

1.    There was a real first century CE Jew named Yeshua (aka Jesus) who is made the centerpiece of the New

2.    The  New Testament is primarily a theological document that offers us a limited and obscured historical view of the
life of this Yeshua.

3.    There is value in trying to understand the true historical life of this Yeshua.

4.    The jewish burial tomb at East Talpiot which contains the remains of "Yeshua bar Yehosef" may provide us with
valuable historical information about this Yeshua of the New Testament.