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Talpiottomb.com is being administered by HistoryTec.  HIstoryTec is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit that supports
historical research, education and preservation projects.

Jerry Lutgen will act as the editor for this site  Mr. Lutgen is an established scientist and business executive with a long-
standing interest in New Testament history.  Mr Lutgen's biography is available below.

You may email Mr. Lutgen at:  jllutgen@yahoo.com

Biography for Jerry Lutgen

December 1, 2105

Employment History:
Mr. Lutgen, is a highly experienced business executive and applied information scientist.   He has gained this
experience while working both independently and within multiple major U.S. corporations.

•        For the past eight years Mr. Lutgen has functioned as an applied information scientist working independently as a
consultant, researcher and product developer.  This work evolved to the point that Mr. Lutgen formed two organizations
in 2015 to carry out this work.  Transim LLC (aka Transformational Imaging Services) is a for-profit company offering
advanced computational imaging services.  Mr. Lutgen also serves as the Executive Director of HistoryTec a non-profit
company which provides a wide range of technical support services for historical research and cultural preservation

•        United Health Group is the largest health services management company in the United States.  In his fifteen years
at UHG Mr. Lutgen held a wide range of senior technical and executive management positions in research, product
development and business development.  This work focused on the development of advanced health intelligence and
health risk management products and services.  

•        The Pillsbury Company is a major consumer foods company.  At Pillsbury Mr. Lutgen was a Quality Assurance
director and within  consumer foods R&D he was responsible for the Human Sensory Testing, Statistics and Technical
Computing Labs

•        Medtronic, is a leading developer and supplier of advanced medical devices. At Medtronic, Mr Lutgen held a
variety of technical and analytic positions in new product R&D, most notably in the management and analysis of large-
scale clinical trials.

Bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Research Methods and a MS degree in Health Informatics/Applied Statistics from the
University of Minnesota.  Completed the program in Computational Photography at Cultural Heritage Imaging.

Holds three patents in the area of health risk measurement and management.

Military Experience:
Was an officer in the U.S. Navy, specializing in amphibious warfare and classified material control.